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Don’t fix what’s not broken

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Apple recently rolled out a new generation of iPod touches as well as other variations of the iPod line. With so much focus being spent in the area of touch interfaces I was beginning to worry about what would happen with the “classic iPod”. Many people now use their iPhone as a primary music device, opting for one multi-tasking device rather than carrying both an iPod and and iPhone/similar smart phone. I just can’t get down with that philosophy…at least not yet. I have a crap ton of music on my iPod and that’s the way I like it. The concept of picking and choosing a set number of albums/songs that I want to squeeze on device with a far less memory capacity seems irrational to me, give me all my music in one spot always there in case I want to follow up some Metallica with some Patsy Cline. If we can ever get consistent high speed wireless service, which I’m sure eventually we will, having your music in the cloud makes alot of sense. Until every small town and area is offered 3G services at the very least the idea of randomly accessing your music from the cloud just isn’t going to happen.

To wrap things up, I’m very happy that Apple continues to see that I’m not alone in this mindset. They continue to offer the “classic” version for people who don’t want to pick and choose between a section of their tuneage. I can’t help but wonder what the future holds though, perhaps Apple’s iTV is a early indication of the next shift. Rather than having a large capacity internal storage the devices becomes more of a flashy gateway to your music/content. With internet “smart radio”¬† such as Pandora and LastFM being so popular, i think it’s the logical step in the progression of how we manage and listen to our personal libraries of music. As with all things tech related technology always trickles down to smaller communities and again without¬† consistent high speed wireless throughout the country…all areas not just a handful of cities,¬† Apple or whomever seeks to offer this cloud model of the personal music libraries is waiting in the wings.

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