Quincy, Illinois Graphic Design by Travis Hoffman | Quincy Illinois Graphic Design. Marketing Collateral Design
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Marketing Collateral

You’ve got a product and service you stand behind…How do you get the word out? There are more and more options everyday for distributing information to potential customers. Perhaps a traditional paper and ink approach is the best solution for you. Maybe a branded app that delivers content digitally to  your customer. There’s quite a few options out there with traditional print and now digital media. What works for one business may be wrong for another, it’s all about looking inward and understanding who you’re trying to reach. If you understand your customer and how they take in and process information, your success rate really benefits. I design marketing content that fits your business needs, because I’m not just slapping down pretty words and pictures. I’m asking questions about your business, allowing me to offer a fresh perspective.


If you have a strong brand, I want to apply it seamlessly to new material. If your brand needs a reboot, I provide adaptable brand designs that sets the stage for a success, with a  brand that flows from one piece of marketing collateral to the next. I don’t just make things look good, I make things that function well. Contact me today and let’s figure out how to make your marketing offerings shine.



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"Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose."

Charles Eames

Marketing Collateral Designs from the Portfolio