Quincy, Illinois Graphic Design by Travis Hoffman | Quincy Illinois Graphic Design. My Design Philosophy
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Travis Hoffman Quincy Illinois Graphic Design Philosophy

My Design Philosophy

Over time, I’ve found that the role of a designer versus an artist is often misunderstood.


An artist creates works inspired from their imagination. They are the master of their universe. They seek to please themselves with their visual compositions. Though they hope that others will appreciate their work, and possibly buy a piece or two, at the end of the day, they continue their pursuit with a great deal of self-gratification and appeasement.


A designer enters into a project with a client, someone who has a need, someone who has a message, someone who hopes to communicate visually utilizing imagery and type. Though a designer also aims to achieve a certain extent of self-gratification in their ability to formulate a composition, the higher goal and accomplishment at the end of the day, what pays the bills, is to create a composition that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also one where a clients idea is transformed into a clear effective visual form of communication that speaks to the target audience.


Where the artist sees their work as a canvas for ideas, the designer must see their work as a window, where clearly visible beyond the imagery and typography is a crisp clear idea that is communicated.  This is how I operate. I create windows of opportunity where your message is clearly visible.

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