Quincy, Illinois Graphic Design by Travis Hoffman | Well House Logo Design - Quincy, Illinois Graphic Design by Travis Hoffman
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Well House Logo Design


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About This Project

Logo designed for a non for profit organization seeking to rehabilitate recently incarcerated women and provide not only shelter but guidance on finding a better life.

The logo is an interpretation of the biblical story (John 4:1-40.) in where Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman (shunned as a lower class) living with a man other than her husband, while drawing water from a well. Jesus shattered many traditional customs by speaking to the woman, offering her water, accepting water from her (traditionally though of as unclean) Jesus spoke of the living water that God offered, ministering to an unlikely person accepting any faults and sharing love and respect.

The abstracted logo can be interpreted in several ways such as a hand extending water, a butterfly symbolizing rebirth and a fresh start, as well as dove.


designed as part of the Rokusek design group