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Graphic Design Quincy Illinois Travis Hoffman

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your businesses creative needs. Today a print ad might be the high priority, tommorow could find you needing to kick off a Facebook advertising campaign. The point is your needs are diverse and ever changing and the people handling your creative needs to be able to handle that diversity. Fortunately I’m no stranger to wearing quite a variety of hats.


From traditional print design including brochures and trade show design to digital mediums such as social media and app interfacing, I’m well versed and fully ready to handle whatever you can throw at me. I’m confident that we can do great things together. I don’t see your business as a chunk of some monthly quota, nor am I looking for any opening opportunity to cross sell my services. My goal with every project is to bring the objectives into focus and to form and execute a elegant visual solution utilizing proven techniques of color, typography and composition.

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Art Direction and Subcontracting

Think of me as your extended family. I’m happy to offer my services with Art Direction or freelance design subcontracting in those times of needs.

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I believe that your businesses logo and brand should be like water, no matter the vessel of communication, your logo and brand should easily adapt to fit that form factor. Choice of Typography, contrast, scaling, negative space are among the elements of design theory that I utilize to craft a beautiful, clean, usable logo for your business.

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Creating a stunning ad is only half the battle, understanding the context of the ad’s delivery medium is crucial for success.

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Trade Shows and Events

Having a branding message that is consistent from immense walls of graphics to tiny giveaway usb thumb drive. Crafting a uniform experience starts with information organization and clear legible design.

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Marketing Collateral

I design marketing collateral that fits your business needs, because I’m not just slapping down pretty words and pictures, I’m asking questions about your business, allowing me to offer a fresh perspective.

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Web and Digital Interfacing

My specialty as a front end designer is to establish the form. Information hierarchy, and site objectives helps me create a simple wireframe and navigational breakdown that optimizes the form of a website design.

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