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The future of holiday decorating?

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I find the new self inflating lit Christmas decorations somewhat disturbing. They look great at night when they’re in full form, however during the day, typically not activated, they lay flaccid on a the yard as if a torrential wind violated a clothesline in the neighborhood.


This got me to thinking.


Obviously, these items are selling like hotcakes around Christmas, however I think another religious associated holiday might be more directly related to the essence of the inflating lit decorations. If you are of a Christian persuasion this should be SO obvious. Think about it….the real market for these front yard holiday decorations has to be Easter.


Are you following me here? Let me elaborate. In the Christian tradition Christmas is the recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ. Hmm, strange come to think of it, I have yet to see a inflated Jesus….give it time…give it time. Let’s move along to Easter, this holiday symbolizes Jesus’ rebirth after dying on the cross. What better way to recreate that event by using these self inflating decorations…it’s SO literal. Think about it, everyday the decoration is probably turned off due to the daylight…the decoration deflates and lays “dead” for all intensive purpose..ie..no light…no air…just motionless on the front yard. There it shall remain until the sun sets and the darkness approaches, then with a flick of a switch or a simple plugging in of a power cord, the “dead” decoration begins to roar to life, re-inflating and triumphantly rising into the sky in all its glory. Sound familiar?


This might very well be a horrible and most likely offensive idea. however it just seems kind of obvious to me. I guess only time will tell. What would the perfect Easter themed inflatable decoration be in your mind?

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