Quincy, Illinois Graphic Design by Travis Hoffman | Quincy Illinois Graphic Design. Trade show and Event Design
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Trade Show and Events

There you are, in a large room, back to back with a sea of companies with one goal…steal attention away from you and your space. A trade show isn’t just a grouping of random signage and products. It needs to be more. Create an ambiance, a mood, a story, an experience. Standing out is crucial, but standing out for the right reason is also important. Having a branding message that is consistent form immense walls of graphics to tiny giveaway usb thumb drive artwork. Crafting a uniform experience starts with information organization and clear, legible design.


Let’s start getting the story straight. Let’s start perfecting the message you want to convey. Let’s start building a trade show presence that achieves goals…and looks great too.


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"Design should never say, Look at me. It should say, Look at this."

David Craib

Trade Show Designs from the Portfolio