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Tuesday Type: Wes Anderson loves Futura

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So I was watching the Oscars this past weekend and happened to see Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel did quite well in quite a few categories. Anytime I think about Wes Anderson my graphic designer mind heads straight for the typeface Futura. All of his movies prior to Grand Budapest Hotel relied heavily on the typeface Futura. When I say “relied on”, it might be a bit of an understatement, in all honesty the movies bled Futura. the following is a link to Mark Simonson’s website article that features an in-depth collection of screenshots featuring the typeface Futura specifically in the film Royal Tenenbaum’s.




Take a look, and the next time you revisit an Wes Anderson film watch for it…you’ll see it almost everywhere. To be fair to Wes, he seems to be expanding his horizons withe the afore mentioned Grand Budapest Hotel, Slate had a lovely article talking about the new featured font check it out here:




Wes Anderson obviously has an amazingly keen eye for design. Not only does he express his love for certain typefaces in his work, but he also pays amazingly close attention to a shot’s symmetry as well as color pallets in his films. The following article from Huffington Post illustrates what they call necessary ingredients in the following article:




Do you have a favorite Wes Anderson Film…or even a favorite typeface? Let me know about it in the comments!


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