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Today while I was heading to work, I was on the lookout for a post office drop box. Snail Mail is still a rarely used service for me, with electronic banking, email, and various online communication, I rarely ever need to use it….the main exception being government related stuff such as the DMV. I drove around for longer than I’d like to admit on a quest to try and locate one of these hopefully soon to be relics of the past. Eventually I succeeded in my quest, dropped the item off and then headed into work where I then noticed a HUGE post office box in the building….but of course. After I poured my first cup of coffee and sat and my desk and I suddenly thought “I wonder if there’s a post office app that uses a Google like mapping method to search an area and then display the locations of nearby drop boxes.” I did a quick search and though I did find what I think was an app that fit those specs, I decided that since I was now aware of a nearby box, it wouldn’t be worth my while to Download it. The real eye opener in my mind was my thought process that made me question if a real world application had a app that would make the task easier, it was almost second nature to me. Technology has started to facilitate almost any passing whim with instant gratification. That being said, I can’t help but see the irony of a task involving snail mail serving as a catalyst for my personal reflection. Gotta love it.

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